Networked World Toolkit

Toolkit for a Networked World

After just ten years, Facebook signed up its one billionth user.
After just five years,
Uber vehicles exceeded yellow taxis in New York City.
After just twenty-four hours,
Apple’s Research Kit had signed up more participants
for research studies than 50 combined medical centers previously were able to over an entire year.

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This is the networked world of the 21st century, and it’s just getting started.

In the world that’s fast approaching, the newspapers and television stations of mainstream media have been completely fragmented into billions of blog posts, tweets, and YouTube videos. The workstreams of every industry have been fragmented into millions of disaggregated tasks to be performed by microworkers and autonomous algorithms. Even our identities have been fragmented into millions of micro-attributes and social graphs that follow us from platform to platform. If the world feels chaotic right now, it’s because we’re actively deconstructing the institutions of our past in order to build the foundations for our future.

Amidst the turmoil of this transition, the opportunity of the next decade is to reconnect these deconstructed pieces in new ways—not just to rebuild the world we knew, but to build a world that works for a hyperconnected global population of eight billion.

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What’s your right of way in today’s fledgling networked world?

Three simple steps will help you discover the hidden potential within your organization’s existing resources. They will lay out alternative paths using alternative interfaces. And they will clarify your priorities, helping you choose the right strategy for creating networked services to address them.